May 26, 2013

Bed bugs

(Name) is sleeping in the hut when he/she is getting annoyed by bug bites.

Stay up and find them: Stays up all night fumigating the hut with a smoldering piece of wood and becomes exhausted. No effect other than maybe a slight drop in health.

Ignore it:

Sep 15, 2011

The Pesky Critter

An adorable but noisy lemur has taken an interest in the lab recently. The little animal loves attention and keeps chattering and squeaking at the researchers until they play with him. He's so cute that no one wants to chase him off, even though he is keeping them from working. They resign themselves to just accommodating him until he gets bored and moves on. Your villagers lose some tech points.

Aug 26, 2011

Chutes Without Ladders

Some small children are heard giggling with glee, when to everyone's astonishment, a handful of toddlers shoot out of the bushes and splash into the hot springs! Still giggling, one of the children shouts: "Wanna do the slide again!" The Villagers realize that it may take a very long time to find a way back to the children's village, because there are many treacherous features on Isola that isolate villages from one another. All they can do for now is take care of these children.

News From Another Tribe (Respected Master)

A respected master from another tribe has decided to join the expedition to this part of the island. He brings news that the fabled golden child from the south shore has gone missing. The newcomer is welcomed to the tribe.

Aug 25, 2011

You're Doing it wrong!

(Name) notices that in the process of trying to use the lab, the heathens are trashing it. (Name) would like to try to prevent some of the damage.

Teach them to reduce explosions.
There are a lot of them; better not

Trick Or Trade

(Name) has discovered that the heathens have some important scrolls in their dirty hovels. They don't seem to realize what they have, but (name) knows that these scrolls could be very helpful to their own research. (Name) believes that she could either try to negotiate a trade or perhaps she could steal them, with proper distraction

Employ a clever ruse
Trade some food for the scrolls

News from Another Tribe

A tame bird is found with a note tied to its leg. It bears news from another village saying that there are signs that the balance is starting to be restored to the island through the combined efforts of the other tribes. Scientific evidence follows...
Your tribe gains some tech from the document.

Day of Honor

Today is the day that the villagers pay their respects to those who have passed on.

The Cracked Mask

One of the heathens has a sack on their head instead of their mask and seems very upset. On a nearby rock lies a wooden mask broken in two. (Name) knows that a simple glue can easily be mase from noni sap and sand, but the heathens clearly don't know how to make it. On the other hand, (Name) could fix it poorly to trick the heathen into giving up the mask!
How should (name) help the heathen?

Attempt to fix the mask- Heathen doesn't understand at first and injures villager, then realizes motives and is grateful. Villager gains devotion points to trainee level, but now dislikes work. Try to trick the heathen- they will find out and call a bunch of other heathens to convert your villager into a heathen.

The Mask

(Name) Has found one of the heathen masks on the ground.

Put it on- makes Him or her a heathen
Bury it- (Name) knows that this kind of game can be dangerous and decides to go beyond simply not wearing the mask... she buries it. Her faith is undeterred. (Name) gains faith. You gain energy.