Aug 25, 2011

The Aphids in the Noni Bush

Small juice-sucking bugs are literally sucking the life out of the crops! Something must be done,
but this must be handled wisely, because they could become a chronic problem.

Research bugs that eat aphids

Research potions that kill aphids-
If you make a potion, the aphids will die, but the noni will be ruined, too.


Tabby-Katt said...

Research bugs that eat Aphids -
After some study, the villagers figure out that there are small creatures that live in certain types of soil that eat the aphid's bugs before they hatch. This process is not immediate, but it's effective and long-lasting.
gains farming expertise.
Your village gains tech points.

Elly said...

What terrible news, I hope the noni bushes can soon be saved with some protection against this plague.