Aug 26, 2011

Chutes Without Ladders

Some small children are heard giggling with glee, when to everyone's astonishment, a handful of toddlers shoot out of the bushes and splash into the hot springs! Still giggling, one of the children shouts: "Wanna do the slide again!" The Villagers realize that it may take a very long time to find a way back to the children's village, because there are many treacherous features on Isola that isolate villages from one another. All they can do for now is take care of these children.

News From Another Tribe (Respected Master)

A respected master from another tribe has decided to join the expedition to this part of the island. He brings news that the fabled golden child from the south shore has gone missing. The newcomer is welcomed to the tribe.

Aug 25, 2011

You're Doing it wrong!

(Name) notices that in the process of trying to use the lab, the heathens are trashing it. (Name) would like to try to prevent some of the damage.

Teach them to reduce explosions.
There are a lot of them; better not

Trick Or Trade

(Name) has discovered that the heathens have some important scrolls in their dirty hovels. They don't seem to realize what they have, but (name) knows that these scrolls could be very helpful to their own research. (Name) believes that she could either try to negotiate a trade or perhaps she could steal them, with proper distraction

Employ a clever ruse
Trade some food for the scrolls

News from Another Tribe

A tame bird is found with a note tied to its leg. It bears news from another village saying that there are signs that the balance is starting to be restored to the island through the combined efforts of the other tribes. Scientific evidence follows...
Your tribe gains some tech from the document.

Day of Honor

Today is the day that the villagers pay their respects to those who have passed on.

The Cracked Mask

One of the heathens has a sack on their head instead of their mask and seems very upset. On a nearby rock lies a wooden mask broken in two. (Name) knows that a simple glue can easily be mase from noni sap and sand, but the heathens clearly don't know how to make it. On the other hand, (Name) could fix it poorly to trick the heathen into giving up the mask!
How should (name) help the heathen?

Attempt to fix the mask- Heathen doesn't understand at first and injures villager, then realizes motives and is grateful. Villager gains devotion points to trainee level, but now dislikes work. Try to trick the heathen- they will find out and call a bunch of other heathens to convert your villager into a heathen.

The Mask

(Name) Has found one of the heathen masks on the ground.

Put it on- makes Him or her a heathen
Bury it- (Name) knows that this kind of game can be dangerous and decides to go beyond simply not wearing the mask... she buries it. Her faith is undeterred. (Name) gains faith. You gain energy.

Army Ants!

Army ants came a devoured the crops!

The Bottle of Spicy Juice

 One day, one of the villagers responsible for a lot of cooking finds a small bottle full of red juice. It smells like herbs, so the villager puts it into the food. Everyone is shocked by the meal, which burns their mouths! Later on, everyone seems to need to relieve themselves at the same time!

The Migrating Fruit Bats

Fruit bats have come to inhabit the nearby trees as a stop in their migration. They could either be scared away, to prevent them from eating up the fruit, or observed to see if anything can be learned from them.

Observe them
Scare them

The Vision

Sitting alone one afternoon, (name) sees someone standing alone at the edge of the forest. Approaching this stranger, she is filled with warmth and euphoria. Upon reaching the edge of the forest, it turns out that the stranger was just the trick of the light. but (name) is sure it meant more than this. (name) gains faith

The Daredevil Jump

(Name) decides that it might be fun to try jumping off the bridge, tethered by stretchy vines, in pursuit of a new thrill

Jump- Gets jumping as a like
Don't Jump- Gets jumping as a dislike

The Heathen Toy

One day while playing, little (Name) finds an unusual toy. On closer examination she is fairly certain that she saw a heathen child playing with it before.

Keep It- villager gets research skill.
Return it to its owner- A good deed done, villager gains devotion skill.

Barrel O' Babies! (Believers)

A large barrel full of giggling infants comes bobbing down the stream. For some reason, nobody acts particularly surprised. They are happily adopted.

Barrel O' Babies! (Heathens)

A large barrel full of giggling infants comes bobbing down the stream. For some reason, these babies prefer the heathens and are adopted by them.

The Missing Kids

One of the villagers notices that little (name) is missing and thinks a heathen must be responsible. One of the adults confronts the heathen regarding little (name). The heathen seems very upset and scary.

Yell for help
Try to help the heathen

The Aphids in the Noni Bush

Small juice-sucking bugs are literally sucking the life out of the crops! Something must be done,
but this must be handled wisely, because they could become a chronic problem.

Research bugs that eat aphids

Research potions that kill aphids-
If you make a potion, the aphids will die, but the noni will be ruined, too.

The Straw Hat

(Name) has found a strange thing woven of reeds. She thinks it could be either a hat or some
kind of strainer to boil grains in.

Wear it-
Use it as a cooking strainer

The Strange Crystals

Some very unusual green crystals have been found near a cave where lightning struck. The
scientists can definitely use this. Your tribe gains tech points. (2275 Tech Points)

The Allergy Season

It's springtime and all the flowers are in bloom. Many of the villagers suffer a temporary bout
of hay fever.


One day, a heathen envoy comes to the believer center under a banner of peace. He claims
to be interested in their ways and asks for a tour of their camp. (Name) seems sincere, but it's
possible that he is a spy.

Offer a tour- heathen steals some minor articles but he becomes a believer.
Refuse the tour

The Defector

One of the heathens sees that the new arrivals seem to really know what they are doing and
asks to join the newcomers. She seems very sincere, but some of the villagers are a little
suspicious, because the petitioner can't come to understand much about the believers' ways
or culture in a short time. Should they welcome the heathen into their tribe or politely send her
back to her people?

Accept the Heathen:  lose 2000 research points
Better Not


(Name) decides that if the cannot see this Guiding Hand, maybe it does not actually exist.
He looks up and demands a sign right this minute!

Give a sign- Decrease in faith
Don't give a sign- Faith must come from within, and a doubter will not be convinced this way. Eventually, overcomes doubt, though. He becomes on of the more outspoken believers that someone is guiding events on the island.

The Strange Nectar

One day, (name) finds a very unusual blossom on a strange plant that no one has ever seen
in bloom before. At the bottom of the cup-like blossom is an irresistibly sweet smelling nectar.

Drink it-  Mata takes a sip of nectar and quickly feels rejuvenated! Moreover she feels incredibly energetic! Has everyone else just slowed down? ( character did not gain run characteristic)
Bring it back to the lab- It's better to not mess with consuming random things without thorough research. The sample is brought back to the other researchers for further study, which yields encouraging results. Your tribe gains 2000 tech points.

More Events:

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Blessings Day Celebration

Today is the day that the villagers give thanks to those that guide their fate and for all the
blessings they enjoy on the island of Isola. There will be dancing and ceremonies, followed by
a sumptuous feast!

The Especially Offensive Cloud

The heathens have a poor grasp of research techniques, and explosions are a common result
of their haphazard methods. However, this time one of them managed to create the most
truly offensive,foul, and utterly eye-watering cloud of lingering gas to ever assault a nose! This
cloud has spread throughout the village, and everyone has no choice but to hide until it clears.

The Salty Air

A freak wind has come up, filling the air with salt-laden sand, apparently from some nearby
salt flat. The salty dust is stifling and burns the villagers' eyes, and they will have to hide
until things settle down.

Mushroom Day!

Today the villagers decide to celebrate mushrooms, in all their sizes, colors and deliciousness! Such industry from those little youngsters is indeed worthy of praise and glad celebration! There will be dancing and cake for the children.

The Clumsy Heathen

One of the heathens brings a vial to show his tribesmen by the noni bush. He trips and spills the substance on the ground. A few days later, the noni bush seems to have produced a lot more fruit!